Unplanned Pregnancy

A video guide to unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy choices

Good sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is vital for women’s general health and wellbeing.

Women’s Health Loddon Mallee has developed a series of video resources to ensure women in our region, including Filipino and Karen speakers and community members that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, have access to critical health information about key women’s health issues.

About Accessible Health

Women’s sexual and reproductive health is not just about physical wellbeing – it includes access to health services and information that is inclusive, safe, and appropriate; access to affordable methods of contraception; access to timely support and services in relation to unintended pregnancy, and the right to healthy and respectful relationships. 

To ensure women in our region have access to vital health information Women’s Health Loddon Mallee has developed a series of in-language video resources.

Unplanned pregnancy information and resources

More information about unplanned pregnancies:

Find an abortion service.  

Ph: 1800 696 784 
Ph for interpreter: 13 14 50   

Women’s Health Loddon Mallee – Well Women’s Clinic 
Ph: 03 5443 0233  

 More info about abortion: 

Jean Hailes – My Body My Health Education Toolkit

Jean Hailes – Abortion factsheet (Karen language)

1800myoptions – Getting an Abortion

1800myoptions – Let’s Talk About Abortion (VIDEO) 

Women’s Health Grampians – It’s your body – you get to decide (VIDEO)

More info about contraception:

Jean Hailes Contraception factsheet in Karen

Sexual Health VictoriaContraception options