Gender equality and respect training provides an understanding of gender equity terminology and concepts, rationale for a gender equitable community as well as the link between gender inequality and family violence.

Participants will leave the workshop with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply a gender lens and to understand their role in creating a gender equitable society, benefiting both men and women.

Topics covered will include:

  • Setting the context for Victoria
  • The link between gender inequality and family violence
  • Approaches to prevention of family violence
  • Rationale for achieving gender equality
  • Organisational gender equality
  • Your role in progressing equality for all

The goals of our interactive workshops include:

  • Increase participants’ understanding of gender and how it impacts one’s own and other’s experiences
  • Increase participants’ knowledge of how gender is related to power and privilege
  • Increase participants’ awareness of unconscious bias and the universal nature of gender bias