Women’s Health Services – Victorian Election Platform 2022

Key actions and work to improve women’s health and wellbeing across Victoria.

Keeping the momentum going: Building upon the last 30 years of equity and health reform

Keeping the Momentum Going – Full Statement

16 Days of Activism Toolkit 2022

16 Days is a global campaign to raise awareness and encourage communities to take action to end violence against women. Women’s Health Loddon Mallee has developed a Toolkit and a selection of online resources to assist in your 16 Days planning and campaign delivery.

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Auslan Video Series: Prevent the Spread

WHLM and Deaf Hub Bendigo present a series of short health information videos in Auslan. The 5 videos discuss the current government recommendations for COVID safety measures, including mask-wearing, ventilation, vaccinations, testing and isolation requirements, and how to access anti-viral medications.

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Audio Series: Centering Our Voices

A WHLM audio series where we centre the voices of women (cis, trans and non-binary inclusive) in the Loddon Mallee living with compromised immune systems through the pandemic.

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ASK US – A Short Film in Conversation with Young Women from the Loddon Mallee

Without gender equality today, a sustainable and equal future remains beyond our reach. In this short film we talk to three young women, each with different backgrounds, living in different parts of our region. The video aims to spark discussions about climate change with the young women in your lives – in your home, workplace and in the community.

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Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2020-21

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Audited Financial Statements

The Rural Challenge – A Gender Equality Leadership Program

The Rural Challenge was a pilot Gender Equality Leadership Program that
empowered leaders in Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigades and community
sporting clubs to make organisational change to promote gender equality
and a respectful culture.

WHLM Rural Challenge Manual

WHLM Rural Challenge Manual Concise Version

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing Through COVID – Conversations with Women Across the Loddon Mallee

A 5-part documentary series in conversation with women from across the Loddon Mallee Region, highlighting the importance of women’s mental health & wellbeing through the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Community Feedback Summary 2021

Utilising the framework of Five Ways to Wellbeing, project partners engaged women across the Loddon Mallee region to contribute their stories and experiences around their mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 lockdowns and ongoing restrictions through a series of focus groups.

Focus Group Findings Summary Report

Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Strategic Plan 2021-25

Environmental Scan

A snapshot of the Loddon Mallee Region.

Snapshot of the Loddon Mallee

CARE Framework

The Collective Action for Respect and Equality- CARE framework provides a regional infrastructure to support and foster collaboration to prevent violence before it starts in the Loddon Mallee.

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Not the Babysitter Podcast

In this 4-episode, limited series, you’ll hear conversations with men from Central Victoria about their experiences of what it’s like to be a dad, the ways that outdated stereotypes still show up in systems and relationships, and what we might do about it.

Not The Babysitter Podcast

Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2019-20

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Gender and Disaster Pod

The GAD Pod was established to promote an understanding of the role played by gender in survivor responses to natural disaster, and to embed these insights into emergency management practice.


Her Health Matters

A regional approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Loddon Mallee Region
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The Loddon Mallee Action Plan for the Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women 2016-2019

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Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Strategic Plan 2018  –  2020


Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2018-19

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Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2017-18

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Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2016-17

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Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Annual Report 2015-16

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Gender Fairness – Conversations About Equity

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Gender Equity and COVID-19

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Preventing violence against women

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Women’s mental health in the context of COVID 19

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Economic Security for Women

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Sexual and Reproductive Health in the context of COVID-19

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