International Women’s Day 2023

Cracking the Code: Innovation for a Gender Equal Future

International Women’s Day Toolkit 2023

The International Women’s Day Toolkit 2023 has been created to support organisations and communities in the Loddon Mallee Region to participate in and lead events and activities as part of International Women’s Day – 8 March 2023. It contains some key information about International Women’s Day (IWD) and this year’s theme, some tips for how you and your organisation or community group can be involved, recommended books, films, podcasts and tv shows, and a suite of online campaign resources.

Download the Toolkit HERE OR view the toolkit online HERE.

Campaign Resources

Download and utilise the campaign resources, including social media tiles, Zoom backgrounds and email banners developed for the Loddon Mallee region HERE.

About International Women’s Day

Every year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March. It is a day to recognise how far we’ve come in achieving rights for women, while also highlighting and inspiring the actions needed to continue the work toward a gender equal future. 

The very first International Women’s Day was held in 1911, with marches held in North America and across Europe aimed at gaining better working conditions and voting rights for women.  

International Women’s Day has expanded in prominence and reach over the years. The growing international women’s movement has helped make International Women’s Day a central point for action, to build support for women’s rights and their full participation in the economy, politics, and community. 

International Women’s Day in Australia 

Australia’s first International Women’s Day was held in 1928 in Sydney. Organised by the Militant Women’s Movement, women called for equal pay for equal work, an 8-hour working day, and paid leave. The next year the event spread to Brisbane.  In 1931 annual marches were launched in both Sydney and Melbourne, with both marches continuing to be held today.  

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