Ways to get involved in International Women’s Day

There are many ways that everyone including individuals, community organisations, businesses, state and local government, schools, universities and TAFEs – can take part in International Women’s Day.  

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Attend an IWD event in your community
    IWD is growing every year, with many events (in person and online) being run across our region and beyond. Check out what is happening locally by visiting the Women’s Health Loddon Mallee website.For those in Bendigo and surrounds, we encourage you to attend the WHLM IWD Breakfast in Bendigo. With expert speakers, enticing entertainment and interactive activities, free breakfast boxes and coffee, this year’s breakfast is set to be our biggest yet. 8-10am, Wednesday 8th March at the WHLM offices 47 Myers Street.
  2. Host an online forum or panel discussion event
    By hosting an online event you can ignite conversations about progressing gender equality and provide educational opportunities for your community. You can use VicHealth’s Framing Gender Equality Messaging Guide to help inform your messaging.
  3. Get active on social media
    Social media can be a useful tool for creating awareness, building knowledge, and promoting behaviour change. Start discussions, promote local events and share resources. To support your messaging about gender equality and innovation for a gender equal future use VicHealth’s Framing Gender Equality Messaging Guide.
  4. Hold a community event
    Organise a morning tea, a community BBQ, a music or sport event, a book club, exhibition or other community event.
  5. Hold a STEM open day
    Encourage girls and women in your community to participate in science, tech, engineering and mathematics in your local school or science centre.
  6. Encourage and make space for men and boys to be involved as gender equality allies
    Create opportunities/provide space for men and boys to be actively involved as gender equity allies. It takes whole communities to create impactful and lasting change. The gender equality movement isn’t just about improving the lives of women, it’s about dismantling all damaging gender stereotypes and roles for everyone. Everyone benefits from gender equality.
  7. Elevate the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and women from refugee and migrant backgrounds
    Invite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women, to share their stories, achievements and initiatives in print, video, and on social media.
  8. Share books and resources that challenge traditional gender stereotypes
    Record people reading books aloud. Take a video or audio recording and share with your networks and communities. Use the books and other useful resources listed here to create library displays, promote to book clubs and distribute among colleagues, family, friends, and social media followers.
  9. Hold a movie screening
    Screen a film at your local cinema or other community venue, or you can offer an online screening. See our list of recommended films for ideas.
  10. Share Inspiring Stories
    Celebrate local leaders and trailblazers in your community. Keep this year’s theme in mind and invite women working in STEM to share their experiences and inspire others. Contribute to your local newspaper or community newsletter. Organise an event to celebrate people working to promote gender equality. Share stories on social media that inspire others to create change.
  11. Community Art Project
    Coordinate an art project that involves your community. Some ideas from local groups included create chalk stencil art on community footpaths with a local youth or school group, organise a mural painting by a local female artist, put together a photo voice project for young people, or support and promote local female artists and musicians.|
  12. Run a competition
    Organise a ‘challenging gender stereotypes’ short filmor photography competition for young people or other group in your community.
  13. Display physical or digital posters/banners in your workspace and around your community
    Display posters or banners in your workplace, on your website and social media channels and on community notice boards. Consider ways in which you can use a wide range of platforms and mediums to share the campaign messages, including online. Check out our suite of IWD campaign resources COMING SOON.

Some more tips to support your activities and events for IWD 2023: 

  • Explore the Theme – Cracking the Code: Innovation for a Gender Equal Future.
    By exploring the IWD theme and sharing the key messages, we are all working cohesively toward a common goal in the Loddon Mallee region. 
  • Partnerships with other organisations can be helpful in leveraging greater support for your campaign activities, while also strengthening the depth of the discussion. For example, you can work on partnering with a local sporting club, faith-based community members, local businesses, other community organisations or groups such as Neighbourhood Houses, Rotary, Men’s Sheds.

Intersectionality in Action

It is vital that this campaign and others like it are inclusive of the diversity that exists within our communities. Everyone’s identities, social positions and experiences are shaped not just by gender, but by a range of other social categories of difference, including culture, race, ethnicity, faith, socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation, sexuality, gender identity, education, age, geographical location, and migration status. When these aspects or characteristics combine there can be increased risk of people experiencing multiple forms of discrimination and disadvantage.  

To achieve equity and respect for all women, gender inequity cannot be seen as separate from other forms of discrimination and disadvantage that women face.  

LGBTIQ+ Communities  

We encourage you to collaborate with representatives from LGBTIQA+ communities and organisations as you prepare for your IWD activities.  

To find out more visit the Research & Resources page on Rainbow Health Australia’s website 

 People with Disabilities 

We strongly encourage you to collaborate with organisations led by people with disabilities to ensure your activities are inclusive and raise awareness of the rights and agency of people with disabilities. For helpful information, please visit the Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) website. 

First Nations Peoples 

Your IWD campaign and activities can seek to address systemic and structural discrimination, through working with and listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  

For helpful information, please visit the Resources page on the Djirra website. 

 Multicultural Communities  

Your IWD campaign and activities can seek to address systemic and structural discrimination, through working with and listening to culturally diverse communities, including refugee and migrant communities, using community language and culture as part of a strengths-based approach to addressing gender inequality. For helpful information, please visit the Resources page on Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health website.


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