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This workshop will explore the benefits of inclusive and diverse workplaces and introduce the concept of Intersectionality and its origins in the work of Kimberlee Crenshaw. We explore ways that multiple factors shape the life experiences of diverse peoples within differing contexts, including – Aboriginality; age; disability; ethnicity; gender identity; race; religion; sexual orientation and regional/rural experiences.

This workshop is designed to support action on gender inequality and implementing the Gender Equality Act 2020, by consciously considering and addressing additional barriers which restrict belonging and engagement for diverse peoples. We will examine power and social structures that maintain disadvantage and focus on place-based responses to diversity and ways to understand your community context. Issues such as sexual harassment, mentoring, recruitment and retention, inclusive spaces will be explored and inform an action plan for your oganisation to build inclusive workplaces with intersectionality in action.

Register here: https://events.humanitix.com/inclusive-workplaces-intersectionality-in-action-3-nov-mta43ypw-xctu3vh3

This workshop is FREE and open to ALL.