The Loddon Mallee CARE Partnership aims to connect, align and support organisations, clubs and community groups in their commitment to forwarding gender equality in their communities and preventing violence against women.   


Join the CARE Partnership

All interested organisations, clubs, and community groups in the Loddon Mallee are invited to join the CARE partnership. Preventing violence against women is everyone’s business, and we all have role to play.

Complete the online form to become a CARE Partner HERE.

Alternatively, you can download and fill in the form as a word document HERE.

About CARE + Frequently Asked Questions

About CARE:

CARE stands for Collective Action for Respect and Equality. CARE was established in 2020 by WHLM to build workforce capacity and support organisations in the region to engage in activities and initiatives that, collectively, contribute to the primary prevention of violence against women. There are over 20 CARE partner organisations and new partners are welcome.  

What is WHLM’s role in the CARE Partnership?

WHLM are the backbone organisation for the CARE Partnership. Our role is to hold the space for and enable regional collective action for respect and equality by administrating, coordinating, energising, and capturing regional progress in preventing violence against women. WHLM coordinate a survey which CPOs complete annually to capture and reflect our collective regional impact.  

What is the purpose of the CARE Partnership?

The CARE Partnership purpose is to grow and sustain a coordinated multi-sectoral approach for primary prevention of violence against women across the Loddon Mallee region. Our goal is a region free from gendered violence where communities actively champion gender equality. CARE ensures that organisations keep gender equality on the agenda and provides support to do so.   

Why join the CARE Partnership?

The CARE Partnership continues to support efforts in primary PVAW across the Loddon Mallee to help sustain ongoing momentum for action. CARE Partner organisations (CPOs): 

  • Are champions of gender equality in their local communities which contributes to the prevention of violence against women in the wider region, state, and nationally. 
  • Have continual access to specialist knowledge, training, newsletter, resources, and support to build staff capacity and more inclusive workplaces.
  • Share skills, learning and resources with other organisations region wide at events and through a Community of Practice.

What type of primary PVAW initiatives can CPOs engage in through the CARE Partnership? 

  • WHLM training workshops which build knowledge, skills, and confidence to make changes 
  • CARE Conversation events 
  • Region wide PVAW Community of Practice 
  • CARE Action plan development with support from WHLM
  • Train the trainer opportunities to enable expansion of the regional primary PVAW workforce
  • 16 Days of Activism region wide campaign  

We already partner with WHLM and other organisations across the Loddon Mallee region in Family Violence prevention networks. Does that mean our organisation is already part of the CARE Partnership?

No. While Family Violence prevention networks may join the CARE Partnership as a community group, individual organisations within those networks must join separately for the organisation to be part of the CARE Partnership. To join the CARE Partnership please fill out the EOI form.

How do we join?

Organisations can join the CARE Partnership by filling out an EOI form.

EOI forms can be completed online or downloaded from the WHLM website and emailed to us at

For any queries, please contact WHLM at or phone: 5443 0233

What happens after we join the CARE Partnership? 

  • CPO leaders sign onto the CARE Statement of Commitment 
  • CPOs nominate at least two CARE contacts who will work in partnership with WHLM 
  • CPOs receive a CARE orientation kit 
  • WHLM support and work with CPOs to plan, or implement primary PVAW initiatives

CARE Newsletter

Sign up to receive regular updates about the CARE Partnership, upcoming professional development opportunities and PVAW work being undertaken in the Loddon Mallee.

The CARE Framework

The CARE Framework holds a space for diverse regional initiatives which strive to achieve gender equity and equality. It serves as a primary prevention conduit for linking and aligning our collective actions and forwarding regional momentum. 

The Framework allows room for adaptation and reorienting as needs change for people and places in the Loddon Mallee. 

Thanks to our CARE Partners

Buloke Shire Council
Campaspe PCP
Central Goldfields Shire Council
City of Greater Bendigo
Echuca Regional Health
Loddon Shire Council
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
Gannawarra Shire Council
Swan Hill Rural City Council
Northern District Community Health
Mallee Sexual Assault Unit- Mallee Domestic Violence Service (MSAU-MDVS)
Gender Equity Action Sunraysia – GEAS
Mildura Rural City Council
Centre for Non-Violence
Bendigo Community Health Services
Boort District Health
Heathcote Health
Bendigo Loddon Primary Care Partnership
Mount Alexander Shire Council
Mallee Accommodation and Support Program
Department for Education and Training Victoria

CARE Partner Projects
For some examples of the rich and diverse work in primary prevention of gender-based violence being lead by CARE partners in the Loddon Mallee, please see here.