Advance Gender Equality + Respect

Women’s Health Loddon Mallee work within an intersectional feminist framework. We advocate for gender equality in our region by addressing the underlying inequities and systemic barriers that can negatively impact women’s health and wellbeing in our region.

Gender inequality impacts people in different ways. The impact of gender inequality on women can be further compounded by other forms of disadvantage and discrimination such as due to ethnicity, age, disability, gender identity, rurality, social class and sexual orientation.

Gender equality is achieved when all people, regardless of gender, can access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities as each other. Everyone stands to benefit from gender equality, including women, men and gender diverse people of all ages, abilities, sexual orientation and cultural identities. 

Training + Workshops

View our current training and workshop offerings, suitable for workplaces, community organisations, sporting clubs, educators and WHLM CARE Partners.


We work in partnership with community groups and organisations in the Loddon Mallee Region to provide support, advice and consultation on how to implement gender equity initiatives and embed gender equity in their workplaces and communities. 

Contact us today to discuss ways that we can support you and your community group, club, or organisation to achieve equitable outcomes for all genders.

Raise Them Equal

Raise Them Equal is a new project that aims to increase the capacity of multicultural and faith communities in the Loddon Mallee to prevent family violence. With a focus on Gender in the Early Years education, the project is designed with a strong commitment to working collaboratively using culturally informed and culturally responsive prevention strategies.  


Take a look at our collection of resources to find research, reports, submissions and more around the advancement of gender equality and respect.