The Regional Collective Action for Respect and Equality – CARE. 

The Collective Action for Respect and Equality- CARE framework provides a regional infrastructure to support and foster collaboration to prevent violence before it starts in the Loddon Mallee.  


Download the CARE Framework here

The CARE framework holds a space for diverse regional initiatives which strive to achieve gender equity and equality. CARE allows room for adaptation and reorienting as needs change for people and places in the Loddon Mallee. It serves as a primary prevention conduit for linking and aligning our collective actions and forwarding regional momentum.  

All interested organisations and community groups in the Loddon Mallee are invited to join the regional CARE Partnership 

The CARE Partnership offers:

  • Access to CARE resources which support work within the nominated focus areas for the region 
  • Facilitated training workshops which can guide learning, build skills, assist in action planning, or support primary prevention initiatives within nominated regional focus areas 
  • Annual check ins and support to reflect, learn and adapt primary prevention approaches and initiatives within your organisation 
  • An invitation to participate in the PVAW Community of Practice (CoP) 

Benefits of joining the regional CARE Partnership:

  • Become a champion of primary prevention of violence against women within your community or organisation 
  • Have ready access to a support network and current information during changes in sector expectationslegislation, or the political landscape 
  • Be part of, and tune into the wider movement towards gender equality 
  • Share your knowledge and skills in a collaborative regional partnership collective  
  • Demonstrate your organisation or groups’ commitment to taking action to challenge gender inequality 

How to join the regional CARE Partnership:

Apply to become a CARE Partner by completing the Expression of Interest below or email directly to enquire. 

What’s next?

  • We will be in contact with you to check in with your organisation, club or group leader(s). 
  • Your organisation will be added to our CARE partnership directory list on the WHLM website so you can connect easily with fellow CARE Partners.  
  • We will highlight, celebrate, and share each organisations’ commitment on our social media. 


CARE Partnership Expression Of Interest Form

Please complete this form in order to apply to become a CARE Partner:


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